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Key to a home

We create homes of the future that meet the needs of the times. To this end we use the technologies that are as up-to-date as possible, including alternative building technologies that lately became so popular. Thanks to these technologies we can build the house of your dreams faster than usual, and in the same time it is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Its maintenance, operation is far more cost efficient that that of a tradition house. We handle all that is needed from planning to delivering a turnkey house. Our experience and your needs create wonders!

Your plans can come true

Draft your ideas and together we are going to give a shape to your dreams! Our qualified and experienced designers are going to surprise you with special plans. If these are accomplished you are going to have a quality, modern, up-to-date home. One of our main focuses is that due to the large glass surfaces and thanks to the lighting technology your house is always going to be filled with light. After assessing your needs we personalise the plans, make them unique. The design and the creation of the interior space are going to be in sync with the style, taste, lifestyle of the future owner.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Passive House - The Home of the Future

Thanks to the modern building and technological systems the passive house uses minimal energy for heating. Thanks to this it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Its maintenance, operation are much more cost efficient than those of a traditional house. Moreover, it is less dependent on energy carriers. If you ask us to build you a passive house, we are going to give you a home with outstanding quality and comfort, the value of which is gradually increasing.

Why a wooden house?

Building wooden houses has a centuries old tradition in the Scandinavian countries, North America, in the Alps and in Russia. Not because of chance.

It is build from prefabricated elements that allow a shorter, more accurately planned deadline. Thus, the building costs are lower and better planned than in case of a traditional house. This could mean a saving of up to 25%.

We can build regardless of the season, and your walls are not going to be mouldy.

It has a high insulation capacity, which ensures warmth in winter, naturally cool in the summer.

Due to the light structure compared to the traditional houses with brick/stone walls, the same living surface occupies an area that is 10% smaller.

Compared to brick houses it has better soundproofing capabilities, because in stead of reflecting it absorbs sound.

It has a stable structure and it is sturdy, thus it can better withstand earthquakes.

Wooden houses breath, they have their own microclimate, thus ensure an optimal humidity. If we live in a wooden house we are constantly having an "aroma therapy" that is beneficial for our respiratory illnesses, minimises asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. In addition due to its warm, friendly appearance, wood has a stress-relieving effect.

It is ecological, one of the renewable building materials, and the site can be easily cleaned up as well.

During construction the CO2 emission is lower, thus even the building phase is environmentally friendly.

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A house with lightweight structure

Compared to traditional constructions thanks to the layered structure the walls and the ceiling structure have no thermal bridge.

It has a high insulating capacity, thus it is energy efficient. The heating costs are lower than in case of the brick houses.

Its structure is rigid preventing the cracking and damage of the plaster.

Costs are barely different from that of the brick houses.

It can be quickly, in 2-4 months, executed.

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Log House

Its structure is more massive than that of the light-structured houses.

More raw material is used, thus the costs are higher too.

It ensures the feeling of a classic home.

On demand it can have an external cladding, but this can be done only with the help of a mounted structure.

Its lifetime is better than expected, 80-100 years.

It can be built in 3-5 months.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Column-log (Poteaux-poutres) Houses

The house is built by inserting solid beams between the columns; it combines the structural elements of both log homes and frame construction houses.

Due to the column structure it is ideal for creating great panoramic views.

From a technical point of view it has a rigid structure.

In terms of efficiency it is the most demanding.

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